Revenue and Investment Opportunities in Short Stay Housing

Well-capitalized companies with new names are creating “synthetic” or “derivative” real estate opportunities in traditional multifamily. These companies are creating daily, weekly and monthly opportunities to re-sell unoccupied inventory in different marketing channels with different economics. Owners can now profit from directly renting units, from third-party rental or from residents renting their units out. Some models support and extend traditional corporate housing, some are entirely new kinds of living. With a California judge dismissing the AIMCO suit versus Airbnb, expect to see more apartment owners looking at short stay housing as a potentially higher and better use of their inventory. We’ll ask the new experts to explain the financial benefit of their models, their growth trajectories and how owners are currently working with them to increase NOI.

Nancy Allen, Eric Broughton, Erik Eccles, Jason Kamen, Chris Herndon and Georgianna Oliver

Internal Innovators and the Multifamily Process

In every major management company, there’s a frontline of executives charged with being the gatekeepers to technology adaptation. These people work hard to streamline existing processes, while also identifying key innovations that will make management run more smoothly -- all with minimal cost and disruption. Vendors must be mindful that multifamily properties have a lot of moving parts -- and managers are watching their bottom line closely on behalf of the residents that call the property home.

Taylor Wiederkehr, Joshua Erosky, Whitney Ciraulo-Stuart, Andrew Silverman

Construction Technology - the Factory and Modular Revolution

For a long time, the phrase “prefab construction” was a pejorative. Companies like the ones represented on this panel have long touted the incredible time and money savings associated with off-site construction. With construction costs and bureaucratic hurdles now spiraling to prohibitive levels -- it’s time for the rest of the industry to get on board with the modular revolution.

Jeff Panel, Rick Holliday, Andy Ball, Christopher Schmidt, Dean Riskas

Harvard B-School Business Plans

The business world has a perhaps unhealthy reverence for long business plans and venture backing. Don’t be fooled by the false allure -- the most important thing in multifamily has been, and always will be, profitability. Sustainability is a distant second on the list -- sometimes, it isn’t even relevant at all (as in the case of solar energy, where startups can generate massive revenue upfront, but face a somewhat uncertain future).

Dana Dunford, Alec Page, Andrew Beebe

The Business of Multifamily Smart Home Access

When it comes to smart home technology, the future is already here. Decision makers in multifamily must carefully weigh the benefits of being early adopters of smart home tech vs. the risks of exposing themselves to as-yet-undefined liability.

Heather Wallace, Demetrios Barnes, Ian Davis, Ali Hussain, Gardner Rees

Startup Showcase

Seven worthy startups presented brief case studies and proposals as part of the MTEC ‘18 Startup Showcase. The startups all had a theme of streamlining owner/operators’ workflow. The theme of data was especially prominent. In the end, Enodo -- which promised seamless data collection on everything from renter prospects to ROI of proposed amenities -- wowed the judges the most, taking home the Grand Prize.

Ashley Olson, Heather Wallace, Constance Freedman, Dr. Toyin Bello, Ryan Antrim, Ian Coughlan, Michael Patton, David Staley, Wojciech Kalembasa, Marc Rutzen, Dr. Ashutosh Saxena, Everett Lynn

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